With Kym Pine's political endorsement of her employee Tom Berg in the December 2010 special election to the City Council, corrupt state official and Tea Party Republican Pine-Ryglowski of Ewa Beach wanted something valuable in return just hours after the votes were counted and Berg's victory was announced . . . something she was willing to obtain illegally: Tens of thousands of dollars in City taxpayer funds for her friend and for her relative. Pine would stop at nothing to get paid City jobs for her campaign chairman John Gollner and for her unemployed cousin Celeste Lacuesta; even using extortion, bribery, harassment, money laundering and a host of other criminal acts to get her way. Frankly, the evidence against Pine is overwhelming, thanks to Pine putting many of her threats and her bribes in writing, since she frequently uses her computer in the commission of her crimes. While these crimes represent just a fraction of Pine's wrongdoing, law enforcement already has all the evidence it needs to arrest, prosecute and imprison cyber-criminal and corrupt politician Pine-Ryglowski for many, many years. The F.B.I., the U.S. Attorney, the State Attorney General, and the City Prosecutor all have custody of this evidence against Pine. Now members of the public, for the first time, are in a position to see the overwhelming evidence for themselves right here at this website www.KymPineIsACrook.com. In addition, the severe and lasting consequences of Pine's lawbreaking have directly led to a massive pattern of continued lawbreaking by Councilman Berg at City Hall, as documented at our other website www.ImpeachBerg.com. In stark contrast to her 'sweet and innocent' image, you should get to know the real Kymberly Pine-Ryglowski through her own words and deeds and crimes and subsequent coverup. The sooner she is put in jail, the better. Mahalo for visiting and for your kokua in spreading the word about this major scandal and threat to our safety in order to protect yourself and your community.

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